Finan - Warrior

Black Hack


Finan, Tall, Male

STR: 12INT: 11WIS: 11
DEX: 11CON: 6CHA: 18
HD: 1d10 HP: 7 AP: 2

Special Features

Regain health: Once per hour, whilst in combat, a Warrior can regain d8 lost HP.

Multiple attacks: As part of their action a Warrior can make 1 attack per level.

Sunder shield: If a Warrior fails a STR or DEX test and would be dealt damage from an attack, they can opt to sunder (destroy) their shield - if they have one equipped - and ignore the damage.

Equipment (8)

  • Preserved Rations (d8)
  • Wineskin (d6)
  • Lantern
  • Flint & Steel
  • Flask of oil (d6)
  • Sword (1d8)
  • Gambeson
  • 6 coin